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Ormsheim Vikings

We are the Ormsheim Vikings. Based in Leeds, we are a regional group of The Vikings, the oldest and largest Dark Ages re-enactment group in the UK We provide both battle re-enactment and living history encampments for events all over the country. We travel to events all over the UK (and even as far as mainland Europe). Please check out our Gallery page for photos of us in action. We are the green and white shields.

Living History

Within the camp you will find people from all walks of life, from the lowliest slave to the king himself, from a humble peasant farmer to an accomplished warrior, from a skilled artisan to a housewife. Children run about engaged in both chores and training for their later lives.



Our combat displays show how the warriors would of fought. Using authentic, real, but blunted, weapons and shields our combatants are trained to use accurate fighting styles in a controlled manner.


Viking Festival Logo

The Vikings are returning! Save the date for the largest UK Viking festival, with the biggest Viking re-enactment battle of all time! June 25/26 2022 at Locko Park, Derbyshire


Whitby Festival

Sat 27th August 2022 to Sat 29th August 2020

Whitby Abbey


If you are interested in booking us for a public event please contact us via our contact form. Our Jarl will be happy to discuss your needs.

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To ensure that we fight safely and at as high a standard as we can, we train every week.

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