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Harald Stargazer

Birth Place: Mercia

Born: 845

I was a wheat trader who traded all over England. upon trading in the North of mercia I discovered a warband looking for warriors for hire.

I fought with this warband for 9 years working my way through the ranks fighting under the Jarl Olaf Haroldson eventually gaining his trust to become his hersier.

Olaf Haroldson stepped down as Jarl due to injuries from age and passed the warband to Alrek Grimson who I was very close to.

Alrek was a fine warrior and a Huscarl within the kings personal army. Alrek introduced me to Sigurd Grevlingsvinr Bjornnsen Alfredsen Haraldsen captain of the Kings army.

Sigurd watched me for many years and saw me develop as a warrior eventually inviting me to fight alongside him within the kings army.

In my 9th year of fighting with this warband, I realised I had forgotten how it was to be a humble wheat trader and decided I would leave this warband and find myself.

18th months passed by with me wandering the country until i came across a warband called Ormsheim. I met Magnus the Jarl of Ormsheim who were very hospitable to me while I was wandering.

After seeing his potential I suggested to Sigurd that he would be a great addition to the kings army.

Several months later after spending a lot of time with Ormsheim I asked Magnus if I could join his warband

Now when I'm not fighting for magnus and especially during the winter months I spend my time making mead for the entire warband who are now my new family to enjoy.

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