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Steinthor the Cunning

Birth Place: Sjælland, Denmark

Born: 847AD

Steinthor was the 3rd born to a family of three brothers and two sisters. He learned combat from his father who used to be a brave warrior who went on many raids in to the Rusland (Russia). When Steinthor was 13 his father died in unforeseen circumstances. After this his eldest brother, whom hated his younger siblings, kicked them all off his land inherited from their father -only sparing their lives because his mother stopped him.

Steinthor spent three years robbing to survive with his younger brother. Around that time they joined a raiding crew and spent a few years travelling around the Balik sea on various raids enjoying the kills they made and drinking when they could. He manage to acquire enough wealth to be able to get many weapons including a sword and chain maillie. During these raids Steinthor quickly learned the tactics that his enemies used in battle. This is where he picked up the name Steinthor the Cunning for this knowledge and his 'trickster' ways of using his left hand for his spear and sword.??

After seven years of raiding Steinthor and this friends heard of a rich land overseas and to the west that was much easier pickings. They finished the raiding for that year and headed back to Denmark. Steinthor and his younger brother met with their older sister, who was now married, and were welcomed to winter with them in their farmstead. The next spring he and his brother headed off with their friends, whom they had made whilst raiding over the years.

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