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Sokka Tomeson

Birth Place: Cumberland

Born: irate

it was a dark and stormy night
When Sokka Tomeson visited mages, who he heard could summon mystic beasts from tablets


as he went down into the basement of the town hall, passing by the numerous and one rowdy crowds inside

he was filled with hope as he saw a robed figure holding
a stone containing a shining white dragon with blue eyes along side others each with stones of there own

"maybe they've heard something"

as he moved to the table where they were huddled around a mighty thud erupted

and the ceiling came crashing down alongside two identical bodies strangling each other

sokka gazed at disbelief his chance at finding information had vanishished underneath people arguing over who was getting the wood

"Now im not one to come between a brawl" thought sokka as he shuffled of his cloak and started to smile

" but ........ nobodys going for the wood tonight boys"


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