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Einar Knut Ericsson

Birth Place: Cumberland

Born: 877 AD

Einar Knut Ericsson...Son of a carpenter, he spent most of his youth in his father's workshop where he picked up his skills and developed a passion for bone working, this was to become his trade. After a night of heavy drinking Einar awoke thick headed, dazed and confused to find a plume of smoke coming from his village, He returned to find his father and his friends had been slain and the workshop and the settlement ablaze. Bereft of his family and friends with only his fathers sword, helmet and whatever tools he could salvage from the blaze he scraped a living as a peddlar selling and trading his wares on the harbourside where he longed for a new life, he had often heard the rumours of a great high prowed fighting ship, the Herlid, making raids along the coast and promising wealth and reputation. The days passed and Einar started to think that the rumours were false, however one dull morning he awoke to find the ship, unlike anything Einar had seen before docked inside the harbour. Upon seeing the ship Einar was awed it its sheer size and awed at the fighting men who crewed her.....Einar offered to help unload her cargo and soon found himself telling his story and trading his goods with the crew. The last of his coins were spent that day in the harbourside tavern where Einar made new friends and bought the confidence of the crew through jugs of ale and mead, The crew were in the town to replenish their supplies and to recruit men to join them on upcoming irish raids. with shaking legs and a thirst for a new life, reputation, and wealth, Einar found himself climbing aboard the great ship, stumbling across the rowers benches to a great uproar of laughter and a phrase he'd never forget..... "part of the ship, part of the crew!"

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