Ormsheim Vikings

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Birth Place: Tønsberg


As a young orphaned child, Nėnna's first memory is at the market in Tønsberg where she was sold as a Thrall to Runa Thorsgaard, a travelling healer and wise woman.

Runa took pity and employed Nėnna as a hand maiden, noticing how much she got done, Runa gave her the name Nėnna. Runa took care of Nėnna, paid her handsomely, and clothed her in some of the finest linens and wool money could buy. They travelled west and settled for a while in Jorvik. It was here that Nėnna and Runa came across the crew of the Herlid and Nėnna met her husband, Wulfric Ragnarson.

Runa allowed Wulfric to pay the mundr and Wulfric and Nėnna were married. Wulfric had his own small warband and created a settlement within a forest clearing amongst seven hills by the rivers Sheaf and Don not far from Dore.

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