Ormsheim Vikings

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Birth Place: Hedeby

Born: 885 AD

Halfdan was born in Hedeby, being the third son to a failing trader he knew his opportunities would be limited. One night in the local tavern he overheard a group of travelling traders talking about the riches of the Irish Sea and how wealthy they could get in Dublin. It was then that Halfdan saw his opportunity, so he bought the traders a round of drinks and by the end of the night had convinced the traders of his worth as a member of their crew.

He set off in the morning with a fresh new lease on life and a hunger for riches and fame, he left behind his family name hoping to earn a new name for himself, the crew took to calling him Halfdan the Red. Halfdan spent the next few months at sea meeting new peoples and learning how to navigate and fight. All was going well until unseasonably bad weather sank the ship he was on just off the coast of Cumbria, forcing Halfdan to swim ashore near St.Bees.

Halfdan fearing that the rest of his crew had drowned cautiously ventured into the nearby village searching for any crew mates that he hoped could have swam ashore before him. He asked around but no one had seen new faces in the village for days. Fearing the worst and and being stuck in a foreign land Halfdan looked for work. He walked towards the tavern where he chanced upon a man named Vandrad with a drink firmly in his hand telling everyone in earshot about his cunning plans to build the largest longship the world has ever seen but to do this he needed good men for his planned raid on Dublin. Halfdan decided that this would be a good start to get back onto his feet but after years of following Vandrad, Halldor, Sven and Afdwyn decided Herlid was his home.

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