Ormsheim Vikings

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Birth Place: Sweden

Born: 877 AD

The eldest son of Egil Amundson, a warrior of renown. Halldor looked set to inherit his fathers lands, but fate intervened. Egil got involved in a dispute with a neighbour over boundaries. Arguments led to fights, and in one fight Egil accidently killed his neighbour. Egil was outlawed and left Sweden on a raiding voyage. Halldor accompanied his father on his voyage.

With his axes Fear & Dread he spread terror wherever the longship beached. Eventually the warriors longed to return home. Unable to return Egil and Halldor requested to be put ashore in Ireland.

Upon landing on the shores of Ireland Egil and Halldor were set on by local militia. The numbers proved too great for Egil and he was slain. As Halldor struggled to stay alive a few armoured men rushed to his aid and chased off the militia. As Halldor recovered his father's sword Swift Despair the armed men introduced themselves as warriors of Herliđ. Halldor thanked them for their timely intervention and asked how he could repay his debt to Herliđ.

The leader's reply was that for saving his life, Halldor could pledge his sword to him and join him in his raiding. Halldor accepted without a second thought....

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