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Skallagrim Børgesonn - UrsaBane

Birth Place: Denmark

Born: 860 AD

Born to a small village in Denmark, skallagrim was barely 10 years old when Vandrad the Merciless and his herlid warband attacked, pillaged the village killing many and took any survivors as slaves to be sold. Skallagrim however managed to escape his chains and run into the mountains. They gave chase for many days but when they finally caught him, he fought ferociously like a wolf and it took three of his men to restrain him and bring him back to the warband. Vandrad, impressed by the boy's tenacity and ferocity, decided to make him an offer of joining the warband. Skallagrim, knowing his choices were either Death, Slavery or life as a warrior, begrudgingly accepted.

Life was hard for the next few years as skallagrim trained hard with all the warriors within herlid learning the ways of war with shield, sword spear and axe; Aswell as survival skills and tactics he used to kill a bear single handedly, to enable him to become a Frihal of Herlid.

Upon earning his Frihal, he began to go on raids more frequently – even to the Saxons stronghold s of Wessex, Northumbria and Mercia- Where he gained reknown for fighting many men and Victorious battles. He plundered many a slave and treasure keeping it for his own and sharing it among his warband's village. This earned him much respect. With this he was able to barter for chainmail and his own sword to improve his prowess in battle. The Next raid to Northumbria- a place called 'Whitby' would prove to be a good fortune for skallagrim.

In this raid, the warband came across a great monsatary of the Christians, with a large force guarding it was thought impossible to breach, and herlid almost turned back, until Skallagrim had a vision from the gods showing the weakness of the enemy's flank. He told Vandrad of this vision, and plans were made accordingly. The Next day at dawn the raid sprang into action- much fighting there was, and many died on both sides, but in the end Herlid won the day! Taking all the spoils and many slaves captive, they set back to the ships, journeying home.

Unfortunately among the injured was Vandrad the merciless, he was still alive though and able to make the long journey back to the home village. During the first night, sensing the weakness of vandard, Wulfric, another member of Herlid who eyed the position of Jarl, sneakily gathered a group of men loyal to him attacking the longhouse in the middle of the night. Much destruction was wrought, however vandrad, his son svein and skallagrim survived, fleeing to the mountains for safety where for the next few months they plotted revenge. When the time came, they launched an attacked on Wulfric while he was out hunting, killing him along with a large portion of his loyal men. During the battle, the actions of Skallagrim in defending Svein during a pivotal moment in the battle, earned him the right of becoming a Huskarl for Svein Vandradson. Who gave him 'Merk's Wrath', a battleaxe of huge size, said to embody the vengeful spirit of those it slays. With most the local landowners now dead or fleeing, Skallagrim was granted 10 hides of land for himself to rule over as he sees fit, this made Skallagrim a very wealthy man, with a tax each year going to Svein.

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