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Úlfr Thorvaldsen of Skagerrak

Birth Place: Skagerrak

Born: 864 AD

Úlfr Thorvaldsen is the youngest of three sons of the famous Longshipwright, Thorvald of Skagerrak.

Úlfr and his two older brothers were close friends growing up, and as the sons of Thorvald Skeið, enjoyed a privileged childhood; with an abundance of food, the finest tutors, the best training by battle captains, swordsmen, horse masters as well as of course, navigators and sea captains.

As an adult, Úlfr knew his fortunes lay in leaving Skagerrak and his hometown of Tønsberg, taking his skills, talents and education West, seeking silver, and glory.

Úlfr travelled for many years, into the Danelaw, the Pictish northlands and the lands of the Alt Clut, eventually arriving in Dyflin, the Black Pool on the eastern coast of what would one day become Dublin, Ireland.

As a younger warrior, Úlfr’s name became one to be feared, and he was known by his warrior kinsmen and enemies as Gammel Úlfr, the ‘Oldwulf’, because of his silvering hair and bloodthirst in battle.

Úlfr was usually to be found on the leftside of the shield wall, putting his sinister talents to best effect, or confounding opponents in single combat with his sheer size (being a good 6 inches taller than the average 10th C Viking male!), strength and bloodlust, making many of his comrades and shield brothers fear he was fated by the Norns to die as a Berserker... and perhaps take them with him!

Úlfr raised a warband and successfully raided deep into the native territories beyond Dyflin, earning their fear and respect, and the title sean-mac tíre amongst the Gael - their own interpretation of his “Oldwulf” nickname.

But fate spins a crooked thread as the saying goes, and following a series of misfortunes Úlfr found himself greatly diminished in coin, companions and reputation, standing amid the wreckage of his last ship, beached upon the shores of a wild and empty land.

Standing between the Alt Clut to the north, the Danelaw to the east and the tribes of Celts to the south, Úlfr, with his back to the wild seas that had almost claimed his life, hoisted his sea chest onto his shoulder and headed inland...

... a few miles distant he spied a tall, stone cross and the yellow beams and shingle tiles of a new hall, almost complete, and went to introduce himself to whichever Lord the Norns had brought him to...

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