Ormsheim Vikings

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Birth Place: Dublin

Born: 857 AD

The walls fell, the gates broken, the city was burning. Blood splattered warriors emerge from the smoke, bloodied with battle wounds.

I Vandrad was one of the twelve mail clad bloodied heroes, all that remained of our lords hearth guard. We board our long-ship Herlið spears and arrows clashed into the deck around me. I held my shields held high over a rowers as blood ran down my face and my wound in my leg throbed. Our ship slowly pulled away from the jetty I could hear the jeers of their enemies as we rowed away and anger and hatred burned inside of me. I was not the only one our lord was starting back his eyes dead and face like thunder.

The smoke from the fire disappeared over the horizon our lord turns to us and said "I swear by all the gods that I will return to these lands, retake our lands, slaughter my enemies, and take vengeance on all those who stood against me." and this was only the start of our saga.

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