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Jora Magnusdottir

Birth Place: Jorvik

Born: 869AD

Although she is the youngest member of her family, Jora is the most heard.

She is knowledgable and eager to learn new skills, crafts and facts. She absolutely loves to make new friends and is happy to help anyone who needs her!

She loves to go forraging, collecting firewood and water. She now knows the basics of sewing and is fantastic at whipcording and braiding.  She is also a keen wittler of wood and loves to carve new things during the day.

Also if you fancy your chances at nine mens morris or hnefatafl bring your wits with you if you want a challenge.  Jora has been many a good Jarl at these games and is certainly one to watch as she grows older.

Jora, like her older sister Livia is also very skilled with a longbow and arrows and will certainly hit her target.  She will also make a formdiable hunter and archery in battle as she gets older.

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