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Jorund Alfrimisson

Birth Place: Kaupang

Born: 839AD

Jorund was the first son of Alvi Alfrimisson, a fierce warrior and land owner.

Jorund lived a decent life, learning skills from his father as he grew. When he got to the age he could pick up a sword, his father taught him how to use one, along with shields, axes, knifes, bows and spears. Jorund took to fighting with a sword and shield like a fish to water.

At the age of 27 Jorund followed his father Alvi and their men to venture to new lands. They would be part of the army that would be responsible for capture of the city that would be later be called Jorvik. Jorund fought hard and it was at Jorvik where he found his love for spear fighting. His cunning and sneakiness impressed his father and earn him the nickname "the cunning"

After a while Alvi decided to head back home with what they had earned between them. Jorund decided to stay in England and see what awaited him. He had a knack for gambling and was decent at leather working.

Jorund would fight many more battles before finding a woman called Cllémentène. She was a strange girl but took a liking to Jorund and he to her. They would later marry and have two children.