Ormsheim Vikings

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Gunnar "Splitshield" Sigurdson

Birth Place: Tjølling, Vestfold, Norway

Born: 845AD

Youngest son of Sigurd Ivarson , a wealthy land owner who had gained great favour with King Halfdan the Black of Vestfold. It was in 865, as his older brother Leif was to inherit his fathers wealth, Gunnar left with his father's sword, the clothes on his back and a handful of coin to make a life for himself in the lands to the west.

Gunnar's cousin Arne Trygvasson left his family to join him drinking and fighting their way west. The pair gained notoriety, Arne for his wit and Gunnar for his drinking and both for their skills I'm battle. It was Arne, who in a night of drunken revelry, split Gunnar's shield with his axe, earning Arne the nickname Strongaxe.

It was in Kaupang that Gunnar met the woman who was to become his wife. Ljufa Brundottir a fisherman's daughter. They fell in love and quickly married and Ljufa joined Gunnar and Arne on their adventure to the west.

Gunnar has a passion for smithing and wood crafts which he started from a young age with his Grandfather Ivar Valdarson a blacksmith and woodsman. But Gunnar's true passion lies in combat and fighting with his new brothers by his side. He is a talented swordsman with a fearsome temper and a lust for blood.