Ormsheim Vikings

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Bjorn Eirikson

Birth Place: Norway

Born: 841AD

Bjorn's father, Eirik, was an Oath Man of Gunnar Ironside and so Bjorn grew up in the Gunnar's hall with his sons, Ulf and Magnus.

Bjorn was taught to fight, with spear, axe, shield and sword from being young so that he could one day serve Gunnar as Eirik had. Eirik was killed when fighting when Bjorn was fourteen years old, leaving Bjorn little, but his sword, which Gunnar gifted Bjorn for Eiriks loyalty. After this Bjorn earned his keep as a hunter, help by his skill with a bow.

Being close in age with Magnus they struck up a friendship, so when Ulf inherited the family's wealth and Magnus decided to go and find his own wealth Bjorn was convinced to set sail with him.

After been in the army that captured the city renamed Jorvik, Bjorn looked to settle and he married his wife, Bera inheriting her fathers smallholding near Jorvik. He continues to hunt the surrounding land. He now has two children, Ada, five and Berg, two. Though content with hunting, Bjorn likes to go raiding with his friends often... you never get sick of the thrill of battle.