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Arne "Strongaxe" Trygvasson

Birth Place: Rogaland, Norway

Born: 845AD

Born in rogaland Norway in 845 to Trygve Ivarson, a farmer and landowner and Astrid Siggmundsdottir. Arne was second son and felt he could never escape his older brother, Erik's, shadow.

Arne knew he would not inherit and knew he had to make his own name. A capable woodsmen and warrior, in 865 Arne knew his cousin Gunnar was planning to leave, so he gathered his meagre belongings and his father's fighting axe and went with him.

Drinking and fighting their way west, the pair gained notoriety, Arne for his wit and Gunnar for his drinking and both for their battle skills. It was Arne, who in a night of drunken revelry, split Gunnar's shield with his axe, earning Gunnar the name of SplitShield.

Arne stood with Gunnar when he married Ljufa Brundottir in Stavanger.
Arne met his wife Embla and they quickly married before the battle of Jorvik.

Learning his wood skills from his grandfather Ivar Valdarson, himself a great woodsman and warrior, Arne took the sword off the first man he killed and had Gunnar train him in its use.